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phenyl propanol for sale

    Are you looking for phenyl propanol? Tradezz.com not only provides 3239 kinds of different phenyl propanol products, but also offers Phenyl succinic acid,4-Bromo-N,N-bis[4-(2-ethylhexyloxy)phenyl]-aniline/CAS: 1192035-51-0,1-(3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl) for you. phenyl propanol provided by suppliers on our platform are mostly cheap and have good quality. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service!
  • Phenyl succinic acid

    Detailed 1.electronic chemicals, 2.flux 3.solder paste Phenyl succinic acidAlias: phenyl succinate Molecular formula: C10H10O4 MW: 194.

  • 4-Bromo-N,N-bis[4-(2-ethylhexyloxy)phenyl]-aniline/CAS: 1192035-51-0

    Detailed 4-Bromo-N,N-bis[4-(2-ethylhexyloxy)phenyl]-aniline/CAS: 1192035-51-0 Assay: 98% Application: OLED material Product Name: 4-Bromo-N,N-bis[4-(2-ethylhexyloxy)phenyl]-anilineSynonyms: 4-Bromo-N,N-bis[4-(2-ethylhexyloxy)phenyl]-anilineCAS: 1192035-51-0Assay: 98%Application:  OLED material.

  • 1-(3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl)

    Detailed Name:1-(3-(Trifluoromethyl)phenyl)piperazinium chloride Molecular Structure: Synonyms:Piperazine,1-(a,a,a-trifluoro-m-tolyl) Name:1-(3-(Trifluoromethyl)phenyl)piperazinium chloride Molecular Structure: Synonyms:Piperazine,1-(a,a,a-trifluoro-m-tolyl)-, monohydrochloride (8CI);Piperazine, 1-.

  • N-phenyl peri acid

    Detailed We are specialized in producing N-phenyl peri acid.Our product has been exporting to many countries. N-phenyl peri acidMolecular Formula : C16H13NO3SCAS Number : 82-76-8Description : mp : 215 -217 °CSpecificationAssay : 98%min (dry product) Peri acid content : 1.5% max(dry product) Ani.

  • D-3-chlorophenyl propanol

    Detailed D-3-chlorophenyl propanol Synonyms: (R)-(+)-3-Chloro-1-phenylpropanol Molecular formula: C9H11ClO Molecular Weight: 170.64     D-3-chlorophenyl propanolChemical name: (1R)-3-Chloro-1-phenyl-propan-1-ol           &nb.

  • DL-hydroxyl phenyl glycolycurea

    Detailed DL-hydroxyl phenyl glycolycurea Purity :98.5% CAS: 2420-17-9 Molecular Formula: C9H8N2O3 Packaging: 25kg woven bag              DL-hydroxyl phenyl glycolycurea Appearance: White Powder Purity :      &.

  • 2,4-dihydro-4-[4-[4-[4-methoxy phenyl] 1-piperzinyl] phenyl]-2-(1-methyl propyl)-3h-1,2,4 triazol-3-one

    Detailed PRODUCT NAME : 2,4-dihydro-4-[4-[4-[4-methoxy phenyl] 1-piperzinyl] phenyl]-2-(1-methyl propyl)-3h-1,2,4 triazol-3-one CAS NO :  74852-62-3  APPLICATION  : ITRACONAZOLE  .

  • 2,4-Dihydro-4-[4-[(4-Hydroxy phenyl)-1-piperazinyl] phenyl]- 2-(1-Methyl propyl)-3H-1, 2, 4- Trazizol-3-one

    Detailed PRODUCT NAME : 2,4-Dihydro-4-[4-[(4-Hydroxy phenyl)-1-piperazinyl] phenyl]- 2-(1-Methyl propyl)-3H-1, 2, 4- Trazizol-3-one CAS NO : 106461-41-0 APPLICATION  : ITRACONAZOLE  .

  • n-propanol

    Detailed we can provide n-propanol at high quality reasonable price manufacturer many years immidiately reply Detailed We can supply N-Propanol at high quality and competitive price.If you are interested in our products.

  • D-Phenyl glycine Dane Salt (E.K)

    Detailed D-Phenyl glycine Dane Salt(E.K) 1.Pharmaceutical intermediates 2.organic intermediate 3.Assay at least 99% 4.ISO 9001:2008   D-Phenyl glycine Dane Salt(E.K)    CAS961-69-3Molecular Formula:C14H16NO4KMolecular Weight301.38Appearance:White crystalline powerAssay.

  • (3-hydroxy-4-methoxy-phenyl)-acetic acid

    Detailed Mw: 182.17 Cas: 1131-94-8 Appearance: white solid Formula: C9H10O4 Scale: 100g Name: (3-hydroxy-4-methoxy-phenyl)-acetic acidMw: 182.17Cas: 1131-94-8Appearance: white solidFormula: C9H10O4Scale: 100g.

  • 3- (2-Methoxy-5-Methylphenyl) -3-Phenyl Propanol

    Detailed 3- (2-methoxy-5-methylphenyl) -3-phenyl propanol] CAS: 124937-73-1 Usage: For Tolterodine 3- (2-methoxy-5-methylphenyl) -3-phenyl propanol] CAS: 124937-73-1 Usage: For Tolterodine.

  • (S)-4-(4-(5-(Aminomethyl)-2-oxooxazolidin-3-yl)phenyl)morpholin-3-one 446292-10-0

    Detailed (S)-4-(4-(5-(Aminomethyl)-2-oxooxazolidin-3-yl)phenyl)morpholin-3-one 1.Cas 446292-10-0 2.Rivaroxaban intermediates (S)-4-(4-(5-(Aminomethyl)-2-oxooxazolidin-3-yl)phenyl)morpholin-3-one1.Cas 446292-10-02.Rivaroxaban  intermediates3.Assay 97% (ITEM)(LIMIT)DescriptionA offwhite or .

  • 4-(Tans-4-propylcyclohexyl)phenyl boronic acid

    Detailed 1.Name:4-(Tans-4-propylcyclohexyl)phenyl boronic acid 2.CAS:146862-02-4 3.Purity:HPLC 97.0% Product Name:[4-(TRANS-4-N-PROPYLCYCLOHEXYL)PHENYL]BORONIC ACIDSynonyms:[4-(TRANS-4-N-PROPYLCYCLOHEXYL)PHENYL]BORONIC ACID;4-(trans-4-Propylcyclohexyl)phenylboronic acid;4-(Tans-4-propylcyclohexyl)p.

  • phenyl ethyl acetate

    Detailed phenyl ethyl acetate 98% Appearance: Clear, colorless liquidOdor: Rose odor with fruit noteReflactive index 20°C:  1.496 – 1.501Relative density 20/4°C: 1.031 – 1.035GC content: ≥98%.

  • (E)-2-[3-[3-[2-(7-Chloro-2-quinolinyl)ethenyl]phenyl]-3-oxopropyl]benzoic acid methyl ester_149968-11-6

    Detailed (E)-2-[3-[3-[2-(7-Chloro-2-quinolinyl)ethenyl]phenyl]-3-oxopropyl]benzoic acid methyl ester 1.Cas149968-11-6 2.Use Montelukast (E)-2-[3-[3-[2-(7-Chloro-2-quinolinyl)ethenyl]phenyl]-3-oxopropyl]benzoic acid methyl esterCas 149968-11-6Usage Montelukast sodium intermediate ItemRequiremen.

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