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nitrate nitrogen formula for sale

    Are you looking for nitrate nitrogen formula? Tradezz.com not only provides 20001 kinds of different nitrate nitrogen formula products, but also offers Calcium Ammonium Nitrate,Potassium nitrate fertilizer,Calcium nitrate tetrahydrate for you. nitrate nitrogen formula provided by suppliers on our platform are mostly cheap and have good quality. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service!
  • Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

    Detailed 1) Calcium nitrate:76 pct min 2) Ammonium nitrate:6-10 pct 3) Nitrogen in nitrate:14.0-14.4 pct 4) Nitrogen in ammonium:1.3  Molecular Formula: 5Ca(NO3)2·NH4NO3·10H2OMolecular Weight: 1080.71Physicochemical Properties: white round granula.Product Specification: GB/T19001.

  • Potassium nitrate fertilizer

    Detailed NOP 1.designed for fertilizer. 2.anti-burning ingredient. 3. free from chloride and heavy metal. 4. nitrate nitrogen potassium nitrate fertilizer   advantages:1.N-P2O5-K2O formula: 13.5-0-45 or 12-6-40(the npk substitute of potassium nitrate)2.100% water soluble. Ideal for fertig.

  • Calcium nitrate tetrahydrate

    Detailed 1.100% water soluble 2 Supply N & Ca 3 Suit for all the crops 4 Nitrate nitrogen(NO3-N) 5 Used for irrigation hydroponics Calcium Nitrate 99% tech gradeMolecular Formula: Ca(NO3)2.4H2O, Molecular Weight:236.15,Appearance: white crystals,Assay:99%min, N:11.

  • potassium nitrate 99% (KNO3 OR NOP)

    Detailed potassium nitrate 99% Molecular formula: KNO3 Nitrogen:K2O=13.5%:45% 100% water soluble fertilizer ItemUnitGrade Nitrogen%Min13.5          K2O               &nb.

  • Sell Calcium Nitrate Granular

    Detailed Purity: N:15.5%min (Nitrate Nitrogen: 14.0%min; Ammonium Nitrogen:1.5%min) Ca:18.0%min CaO:25.5% P Purity: N:15.5%min (Nitrate Nitrogen: 14.0%min; Ammonium Nitrogen:1.5%min)Ca:18.0%min CaO:25.5%Packing: in 25kg or 1000kg net bag.To be used in soluble fertilizer..

  • Manganese Nitrate

    Detailed We can supply manganese nitrate. Molecular formula: Mn(NO3)2Molecular weight: 178.95Physicochemical properties: Pink transparent liquid. Little acid. It is able to dissolve in water and alcohol. decompose into manaanese dioxide and nitrogen oxide when heated. It ha.

  • Calcium Nitrate

    Detailed It is a high efficiency plant nutrient with ready available Calcium and Nitrogen for the plants for immediate absorption. The ni CALCIUM AMMONIUM NITRATE (Calcium Nitrate Granular 15.5N)- NITROGEN min 15.5% by weight- N-NO3 min 14.0% by weight- N-NH4 min 1.5% by weight- CALCIUM OXIDE min 2.

  • 99% potassium nitrate (KNO3 OR NOP)

    Detailed 99% potassium nitrate Molecular formula: KNO3 Molecular weight: 101.1 Nitrogen: K2O = 13.5%:45% Package: 5kg, 10kg.

  • Calcium ammonium Nitrate

    Detailed 1.Nitrate nitrogen 2.best calcium for greenhouse 3.no caking 4.irrigation and hydroponic 5.Trace Nutrient Calcium ammonium nitrate(CAN)Calcium nitrate granular/CAN/ Water soluble NPK+CaO(15.5-0-0-25.6CaO)Molecular Formula:5Ca(NO3)2.NH4NO3.10H2O, Molecular Weight:1080.

  • Calcium Nitrate tetrahydrate

    Detailed 1.Nitrate nitrogen 2.best calcium for greenhouse 3.no caking 4.irrigation and hydroponic 5.Trace Nutrient  Calcium nitrate tetrahydrateCalcium Nitrate 99% tech gradeMolecular Formula: Ca(NO3)2.4H2O, Molecular Weight:236.15, Appearance: white crystal, Assay:99%min, N:11.

  • Calcium nitrate

    Detailed Chemical Name: Calcium Nitrate Molecular Formula: CaN2O6 Formula Weight: 164.09 CAS No.: 10124-37-5 Calcium nitrate Basic informationProduct Name:Calcium nitrateSynonyms:CALCIUM ICP STANDARD;CALCIUM NITRATE;CA(NO3)2;calcium(ii)nitrate(1:2);calciumionchromatographystdsol.fluka;calciumsaltpe.

  • calcium ammonium nitrate

    Detailed calcium ammonium nitrate N 15.5% min. Nitrate Nitrogen 14.0-14.4%.

  • Cupric nitrate

    Detailed Cupric nitrate Molecular formula : Cu(NO3)2.3H2O Cupric nitrate Molecular formula : Cu(NO3)2·3H2OMolecular weight : 241.60 Physicochemical Properties: Cupric nitrate has three kinds of hydrates-trihydrate.

  • potassium nitrate(KNO3 & NOP 13-0-45)

    Detailed potassium nitrate 97% 1.N-P2O5-K2O=13.5-0-45 2.Molecular formula: KNO3 3.100% water-soluble potassium nitrate 97%1.N-P2O5-K2O=13.5-0-452.Molecular formula: KNO33.100% water-soluble  ItemUnitGrade Nitrogen%Min13.5          K2O.

  • Potassium Nitrate

    Detailed 1) Potassium nitrate 2) Molecular formula: KNO3 3) Purity: 99.8% min 3) Molecular Weight: 101.11 4) Physicochemical properti Potassium Nitrate features:1) Potassium nitrate 2) Molecular formula: KNO3 3) Molecular Weight: 101.114) Physicochemical properties: KNO3 is the rhombic system cryst.


    Detailed POTASSIUM NITRATE Nitrate molecular Formula:KNO3 Nitrate molecular Weight:101.10 v Nitrate mainly applied in glass refini  POTASSIUM NITRATEFormulaKNO3Molecular weight101.10CAS7757-79-1PropertiesNitrate :Colorless and transparent rhombic crystals or white powder.UsesNitrate:Mainly app.

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