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solar drink water panel (SDWP) German patent

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solar drink water panel (SDWP) German patent
Detailed Description

Drink water on ever place on earth by salt water side
Solar drink water purify without any other power than the sun
50 l / day

Drink water for all people can realized by our solar drink water panel (SDWP)



The ultimate solar water treatment System (German Patent)


This is the easiest way to desalinate seawater. Supplying populations with drinking water is a global problem. Although inexhaustible water resources are available worldwide - 97.5% of the total water surface of the earth is sea water and numerous desalination systems are emerging, about 25% of the world's population lacks potable water.

Due to economic reasons, large, industrial-scale water treatment plants are only built near densely populated and coastal cities and areas. In more sparsely settled regions with no electricity and inadequate infrastructure, obtaining drinking water is and will increasingly become a struggle for survival for millions of people. According to UN statistics, over 5 million persons, primarily children, die from diseases caused by contaminated water every year.


The advantages of this HighTech system: drinking water for everyone, everywhere.


The solar water treatment system is completely independent of all electricity and energy sources (waste heat, heating power plant, etc.). All the solar water treatment system needs is sunlight.


And there is more than enough in those regions where drinking water is scarce:

  • Southern Europe
  • America
  • Southern Africa
  • Asia
  • Oceania with his thounsends of islands
  • Drink water on every island, is with our System no problem
  • The secondary product is 300 kg finest Sea salt (fleur del sel)

This system can be used wherever seawater is available and thus primarily in those countries and coastal regions that lack the required infrastructure, such as energy or roads to transport drinking water. The solar water treatment system is the ideal solution for decentralized local or regional use precisely where drinking water is needed, enabling settlements, hotels and resort complexes to secure their drinking-water supply reliably and costs effectively.

This solar module system is the universally affordable water supply system. Purchase costs are extremely low, operating costs virtually nothing, and care and maintenance require very little in the way of staff or financial resources.


The problems of the reverse osmosis principle of industrial-scale plants: energy, environment, costs.Seawater desalination using reverse osmosis, as it is practicable in most large-scale plants, requires gigantic expenditures for energy, design, material, operation, maintenance, personnel and investment. Investment costs of 650,000 to 2.000.000 and more are common. It takes about 4 kW/h of power to desalinize 1000 l of water. This requires power plants with a monthly output in the medium megawatt range. The water must additionally be chemically treated, distribution organized and constant, dependable operationensured. Not to mention the environmental problems caused by industrial-scale plants in coastal areas. At an efficiency of 25%, the salt filtered out is returned to the sea as brine, with the disastrous consequence that the elevated salt content contaminates entire coastlines and causes

sustained damage to plants and animals, which cannot tolerate more than 3% salt concentration. This in turn means that the people of the region are often deprived of fishing as a livelihood. These people "flee" to the cities, which grow and grow. And the demand for water mushrooms accordingly.


The "water works" for everyone, everywhere:

using the principles of nature and the energy of the sun.


The solar water treatment system is the only solar-powered system that works solely by evaporation. This means that the water gained at an evaporation temperature of approx. 100 C is absolutely germ-free and immediately drinkable. Unlike other processes, no post-treatment using chemicals or radiation is necessary. Thus, everyone can now create as much drinking water as they need.


Natures principle: evaporation.


The ingeniously simple high-tech solution uses the principle of nature: seawater or brackish water is continuously fed to the evaporator unit from a water intake and heated to over 100 C by high-performance vacuum heatpipes. The water condensed in this way is germfree, and is cooled by cooling elements on its way to the drinking water deposit.


Features at a glance:


Solar-powered, independent of all electricity sources

Clean, potable water immediately, without chemical post-treatment

Independent of location with unlimited potential applications

Module output approx. 50 l / day

Scalable up to 30 m3/month by combining modules

Simple technology no specialists required for operation or maintenance

Reliable and maintenance-free for decades

Low investment costs thanks to proven materials

Mobile, transportable design


Drinking water when its needed:

from 50 liters/day to 1800 cubic meters/year.


German high tech makes drinking water affordable for everyone.


The high tech system is currently the simplest and most economical way to turn seawater into potable water. Low purchase costs, no energy costs, no follow-up costs, no maintenance expenses and long equipment service life enable

drinking water at a price everyone can afford. Reverse osmosis plants by contrast are only economical starting from a capacity of 1000 m3 per day if they can be economically operated at all. After all, investment in the millions is just the beginning. Follow-up costs are enormous. Our solar water treatment system on the other hand can be used anywhere. Sun and seawater are the only inputs required.


Scalable output as needed: 7500, 15 000 l or 150 000 l per month.


one Solar water treatment System has a capacity of 50 liters per day. When 10 modules are linked together, the total output is 15000 liters of drinking water per month: Enough to meet the water needs of a lot of people - a farm,

an entire village, a hotel or vacation resort complex. The transportable solar system can additionally supply drinking water in disaster areas, as it also converts brackish water into germ-free drinking water. It is the solar water treatment system, decentralized, local drinking-water supply is possible anywhere.


The water analysis proves Absolute drinking-water quality".


50 l of drinking water per module. Millions of people have less than 10 l per day.


According to the UN, each person requires a minimum of 50 l of water per day. In the industrial nations, consumption is as high as 500 to 800 l per day! People in many developing nations must survive on less than 10 l if potable water is available at all.


One of the primary design criteria is ease of use: no specialists or expertise knowledge are necessary to operate this system properly. A brief training is all that is needed. Compact design just 2.20 m wide, 2.00 m high and 1.90 m deep.

The systems mobility and flexibility make it ideal for use at changing sites.


Only materials that are weatherproof and proven resistant to boiling salt water are being used. For example, the high-performance vacuum heat pipes, proven in actual use a million times over, are produced by the world's leading manufacturer, and are absolutely low-wear and low-maintenance. All design details are configured so that virtually no maintenance is required. The outstanding characteristics of the solar water treatment system are a long service life, reliability and economic operation.

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